It is the day before Launch, and the team is busy making the final tests...

It is October 14th, and the Launch Campaign is now in full swing. An excited team has traveled to Esrange Space Center, where they will do the final tests and adjustments before the launch. Read on to find out what's happening!

Taco banquets, job fairs, EARs... With so much going on, it is hard to believe there is less than one week to the Launch Campaign. October 18th has been set as the first possible launch date, so next week you can expect a steady flow of updates from Team IRIS.


Until then, feel free to indulge yourself in this fresh, meaty blog post by Eleni from our Science Department!

Having submitted the 4th version of the SED, the project is now nearing its end. Read today's Blog Post to get a clear picture of how far we've come, and what still remains to be done. Also, don't forget to order YOUR copy of the IRIS Patch 1.0 before they're all gone...

See you next week :)

Burned components, misunderstandings with suppliers, and the never-ending Kiruna-rain. This week has been a difficult one for IRIS, but through sheer force of will (and lots of caffeine) the team fights on. And as a wise man once said; on the other side of those dark clouds, the sun is still shining!

Read today's blog post, written by Hampus from our Electronics Department, to find out more!

With temperatures dropping and thick fog rolling in, there is no question about it; winter is coming. This is not the the time to cozy up in bed however, as there is only one month left until the Launch Campaign! Today's blog post is written by Edgar; click the link to see how we're all doing while also getting your weekly dose of memes ;)

With only 40 days left until the Launch Campaign, finding time for videogames is nothing but a distant dream. Memes on the other hand? Let's just say this project has been a catalyst in itself... Read Oriol's juicy blog post to find out more ;)

In the high-tech reality of today it is important to always have the latest patch. IRIS patch 1.0 will arrive soon, and you can pre-order yours today! Hurry up to be one of the lucky 100 owners of this limited edition rarity.

In today's update, Andreas brings us the latest news about the Software Department's role in making the experiment fruitful.

2 weeks ago, our team members Ingo Wagner and Francois Piette returned from a special mission on Gotland, where they participated in the 23rd ESA PAC Symposium. They have now decided to share their story, and this article is just waiting for you to click it!

In this Blog Post, August Svensson from the Electronics Department writes about his experiences at the Critical Design Review and the team's plans for summer.

With an upcoming exam week, and the Critical Design Review just a few days away, it can sometimes be hard to manage time efficiently. Not for our Project Manager Gustaf though, who even found the time to write today's blog post. Learn all about his methods by clicking the link!

SED version 2.0 has been finished, but a new deadline looms in the horizon: The Critical Design Review. It is already less than 2 weeks away, and a lot of important decisions must be made before then.


In this week's Blog Post, written by François Piette, you can read everything about this and also see some amazing IRIS artwork in the process!

We have now reached the last weekend before the big SED 2.0 deadline, and only coffee, coke and instant noodles (おいしい!) can keep us working at peak efficiency.

This week's Blog Post is brought to you by Guillermo Ledo López from the Mechanical Department. Have a great weekend!

Another Friday, another Blog Post. It's a miracle that Ingo Wagner from our Science Department actually had the time to write this one, considering we are so close to our next Great Deadline - SED version 2.0.

Hope you have a chill Weekend!

Today we introduce our latest feature; a weekly blog post to update you on our progress. A new one will be available each Friday!

In this first edition, Lisa Jonsson, Head of the Electronics Department, writes about what a normal day working with IRIS looks like.

Today IRIS received our Team Hoodies that we have been eagerly awaiting, and boy are they beautiful! See for yourself in this picture! Our beloved Team Logo, seen on the back, was designed by Martin Tomasson; feel free to contact him if you have any design work you need help with.

The hoodies were produced by and, so check them out if you too are looking for amazing clothes with your logo on it. Interested in a cool watch to go with your clothes? Then has got you covered!

Participating in a REXUS/BEXUS project is one of the best ways to become famous overnight. When the Swedish Radio heard of our project, they rushed to our university to perform an interview. Listen to it here.

Yesterday François Piette from our Mechanical Department made a trip to Esrange Space Center. The goal of the visit was to learn more about the mechanical design of the gondola, the part of the balloon that our experiment will be mounted on.

Click here to read about his experiences!

December 20, 2016

Today, an article on IRIS and our sister project EXIST was published by the Atmospheric Science Group at Luleå University of Technology. Click here to read the full article!

A dream come true...

December 15, 2016

Fantastic news! The IRIS project, as well as our comrades working on EXIST, have both been selected to participate in the 10th cycle of the REXUS/BEXUS program! This means that our experiment will be aboard the BEXUS 25 balloon, estimated to launch early in October 2017.

The next step is to prepare for the Preliminary Design Review, due in late January. So, while most people take a well deserved holiday break, the IRIS team will work harder than ever before...

Merry Christmas everyone! :)

Launch of the project website

November 15, 2016

Today, the IRIS team is proud to announce the launch of our project website. Though there is still much work to be done, the core features are fully functional. On this website you can expect to find the latest news about the IRIS project, and also some information about the amazing people working on it.

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