Electrical engineering fourth year, currently working on a master in instrumentation and spacecraft design. Interests include but are not limited to: technology, electronics, weight lifting, people skills. My role in IRIS is as the project manager and I expect a heavy workload.

Alexander Korsfeldt Larsén

Public Relations, Economics, and Webmaster

After a year in the telemarketing sector I enrolled at Luleå University of Technology, and I am now doing my fourth year in the Space Engineering Master Programme. Though my education is specialised towards electronics and instrumentation, my main task in this project is to handle most of the team's external communication. I am also responsible for our web page and our social media presence.

Andreas Wallgren

Head of Software Department

Currently thesis/final project remaining on a M.Sc in space engineering, with a focus on atmospheric and space physics. Relevant interests include a general fascination of mathematics; in particular information manipulation in e.g. signal processing. As a member of the Software Department, the task is to contribute to stable and reliable software to ensure correct data and error -handling to aid a successful mission. The bulk of the work will begin with the integration of the hardware-to-be-used. Because no system ever co-operates, the workload will be heavy and hopefully rewarding.

Arttu Tiainen

Electronics Department

Currently on the second and thus last year of the M.SC in spacecraft design and I did my thesis on inter-satellite link antennas. Additionally I have several years of work experience in embedded electronics design and a small consultation company. My tasks include building and programming a prototype for the measurement system and supportive and advisory tasks of the electronics design.

August Svensson

Electronics Department

Currently in the third year of a MSc in space engineering with a specialisation in spacecraft and instrumentation. My tasks involve the verification and testing of the electronics and sensors, as well as electronic design.

Aerospace engineering graduate, currently undertaking a master's program in spacecraft design. Among my interests are programming, electronics and entrepreneurship. As member and head of the software department my tasks include system architecture design, programming and maintenance of the code, as well as internal management of the department. The expected workload is to be concentrated at the final stages, when the components from the hardware team are available. A subject involving 15 ECTS will be covered by this project.

Eleni Athanasiou

Head of Science Department

I am an Electrical Engineer, currently studying Spacecraft Design (MSc) at Luleå University of Technology. I have work experience on Industrial Engineering automation control systems, and  on the development and test of hardware parts for accelerator and non accelerator experiments for High Energy Physics (HEP). My general interests include:  particle physics , superconductivity, cryogenics, cutting edge technology, biomedical engineering, sociology, photography and painting. For the IRIS experiment I am the Head of the Science Department, and my duties consists of the following:

  • Develop and analyse the scientific background and objectives of IRIS.

  • Post experiment data analysis.

  • Distribution of tasks within the Science Department, manage and conduct communication with the other departments, as well as with the Project Manager.

François Piette

Mechanical, Optics, and Economics

I am an Aerospace Engineer student from the University of Liège (ULg), and I am currently completing my degree at Luleå University of Technology as an exchange student. I have high interest in aircraft and space launchers in Europe. In the mechanical department I am mainly in charge of CAD drafts with CATIA. In the Economics department we are actively looking for grants to secure the necessary funding, and we are also trying to establish partnerships with scientific institutes in the Arctic region. I am expecting a constantly increasing workload for each step of the design.

Aerospace engineer, studying a master's degree on spacecraft design at LTU. Interested in space, physics, engineering and nature, among others. As the head of the Mechanics department, my roles include the design of the structures used in IRIS and the coordination of my department. I expect the heaviest workload to begin once a final configuration for the experiment has been selected and manufacturing starts.

Hampus König

Electronics Department

Currently in the fourth year of M.Sc in space engineering focused on instrumentation and spacecraft design. My tasks include choosing sensors according to the Science Department's specification and designing the electronics that are needed for the experiment.

Ingo Wagner

Science Department

BSc in Earth and Space Science, currently enrolled at LTU in a master's program in Atmospheric and Space Science. My interests in science range from oceans to space and stars with a focus on the physics. In the science department my role is the development of the scientific goal as well as the application of data analysis models. As it is the nature of these roles the workload will be focused on the beginning and end of the project.

Lisa Jonsson

Head of Electronics Department

Currently studying the fourth year of MSc in space engineering with focus on instrumentation and control systems of spacecrafts and satellites. My tasks are to manage the electronic department, divide the workload between the members of the electronics team, choosing sensors and instruments according to the science department's specification and designing the electronics needed for the experiment.

Oriol Peláez Mercadal

Science and Optics

Energy and Mining resource engineering graduate, studying a master's degree on Earth’s atmosphere and Solar System at LTU. I like all kind of sports and technology, as well as science and everything related with space, specially the research for new horizons, either in exoplanets or close to us, like Mars or in some of our Solar System moons. I am also very interested in space mining, which I think is a discipline that will become very important in a near future, so harvesting resources from planets and asteroids will be very significant for the next generations in order to perform interplanetary travels. My role includes development of science background and data analysis.

Den Vackra Kycklingen (The Beautiful Chicken)

Team Mascot

This beautiful creature watches over the team and ensures that the IRIS Project will be a success!

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We are an international team of students with members from all over Europe. All of us have different backgrounds, and have chosen different paths in life, but right now we are all based at Luleå University of Technology in northern Sweden. At Space Campus in Kiruna we study all things related to Space technology, and are constantly surrounded by scientists with various specializations.


Some of the team members have known each other for years, but most of us are relatively new to each other. The entire team is however closely held together by our eagerness to participate in our largest and most important project yet, and our will to help humanity understand the climate changes that the Earth now faces.

"Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success."

- Henry Ford

© No copyright claims made by team IRIS. All ideas and results are shared freely and willingly.

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